Monday, January 23, 2006

Just another Misty Monday

Its a nice day out, sure the sun isn't out and there's precipitation, not a gross amount, just the same kinda light spray one could enjoy at the grocery store, that fine veggie misting. Its also Election Day, since last week, news websites and tv news have been talking about the conservatives being ahead in the polls and at 8am this morning google news was saying we're voting for a right wing Canada. yikes, conservatives are a little too repulicanny to me, but that's me. happy voting day. ** I didn't have a photo for "mist" so I jacked this from google image search.

On the 27th of this month, "Bubble" comes out, that's the new Steven Soderbergh movie, the neat thing thats going on is that Theatre, DVD and TV (high def) are all coming out at the same time. I think its a really cool idea, I'm sure theatre owners will complain. i love these kinda progressive ideas the entertainment world. I hate those sob story commercials or lectures during award ceremonies from people about stopping all the downloading and how they lost umteen billion dollars.

Dine out Vancouver has started up, and 4 of us went to William Tell for dinner, the food was really good. For starters we had the asian salad (I think to white people asian salad means it has mandarin oranges in it) with smoked duck, lamb shank for the main (the ladies had the uber buttery prawns) and the dessert plate had mousse and creme brulee on it. I ate the dessert despite my diet, cause I always said if I ever felt I was missing out, I would make an exception.

messaging portion..
ladies and gentleman: my mom

mom: I'm so gasy today.
metamator: yeah me too, maybe the daikon?
mom: have you ever farted, and it smells so much that you get a headache?
metamator: awe man. please tell me your kidding.
mom: I think its happened to me twice.
metamtor: noooooo!, do you mind if I publish this.
mom: no, go ahead.

bfp: aw man... theresa bought a bunch of croissants from the bakery up the hill, all frozen-like... so all we have to do is defrost them, pop them in the oven, and voila. fresh croissants. it's awesome. ima go have one right now.
metamator: "voila. fresh croissants."
metamator: fag
metamator: I can just imagine you frolicking your way up the stairs and humming show tunes and opening cupboards a little too enthusiastically
bfp: bitch you don't even know.

Lyrics of the day:

Today no lyrics, instead a Fact From Greg (this means my friend Greg told me something that may not be a fact, but he's pretty confident and I'm too lazy to fact check him)

Did you know that sauerkraut was discovered (well maybe not discovered but used) to battle scurvy, something about this being a preservable form of vitamin C. Nice Greg Fact, Greg.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Junky threat level is redish orange

Kids are smart, too smart perhaps to break two layers of glass, to get a piece of shit that loosely resembled a laptop. I would say even a majority of street people are of reasonable intelligence and also would have noticed that laptops that look like that are probably not worth the rock they need to smashy smashy. I can only assume that crack heads have infiltrated our fresh air defence barrier and are invading UBC. Pretty soon its gonna be like dawn of the dead out here.. well maybe without all the killing and be honest, I feel terrible for the person who stole this, cause 1) they are really dumber than a bag of hammers and 2) they are gonna roll up to a pawn shop and get offered a used lighter for this thing.

The crimewave even made us doubt our co-workers:

metamator says: laptop missing, cragg missing
e says: sounds suspicious
metamator says: suspiciously from surrey
e says: i say we have our prime suspect
metamator says: if he's wearing a black jacket and needs a haircut.. its gonna look bad.
e says: yup. real bad.

Everyone has a friend, who is just a little bit awkward or clumsy. Maybe its just a small amount of bad luck, whatever.. to the rest of us its awesome. A friend of mine changed his messenger name to "ouch my anus" so I guess he wants people to ask:

metamator says: 1) how are you? 2) whats with the name?
D says: I fell backward on my anus, and it hurt. While snowboarding
metamator says: wtf? how do you fall on your anus? something in the snow?
D says: no just the snow is formed into the appropriate shape
metamator says: are you sure you weren't skiing down bare back mountain.
D says: haha
metamator says: I hate to say it.. but I get a kick out of your multiple non serious injuries. theres this, getting repeatedly punched in the nuts, the bird shit splashing into your mouth.
D says: well I aim to please.

I’ve been checking out the “hot karl” album.
Hot Karl - Kerk Gybson
Album: the Great Escape

Transformers were more than meets the eye
We called 8-6-7-5-3-0-9
And hope we get Jenny but we never did
We got cassette singles and garbage pail kids
Rainbow bright was the girls favourite toy
And tetris was the shit on the first gameboy
The NBA changed with Larry Bird and Magic
Madonna didn't have that fake British accent
I was in the valley blasting eye of the tiger
Top down cruising to Kit from Knight Rider

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What does amanda taste like?

Yerba Mate is a herby tasting, bitter ass drink I enjoy on an regular basis. It's supposed to have all these positive effects to do with wellness, it sure makes me pee a lot. I've been drinking Mate (mah-tay) for years, cruz de malta was always available, even before mate was popularized by hippies, there's a couple other brands I've had (there's this awesome shit called "La Mulata" we got from South America). Recently I've been seeing this "amanda" brand in my neighbourhood and also I saw it on Commercial Drive. Im trying it today to give amanda a chance to kiss the king. result: amanda is pretty good, she's bitter, and not overly herby, she doesn't have the punch that La Mulata has.

We watched this movie called "the Castle" from Australia, I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, it probably helped that I lived in australia so I have an appreciation how trashy a "true blue- dinky di" aussie can be.

I saw an old VW Bug in nice condition the other day. I think we really need to hand it to Hitler for taking a quite uninspired design, added a little razzle dazzle, little "queer eye for the straight driving guy" flare. the bumper with the eye lid headlights.. looks like a happy smiling car.

May is a good friend of ours who lived in our house for a year and recently went back to Perth, Australia. I accidentally left my messenger on all night so she was able to leave a monologue regarding her "late christmas/early everything else" gifts:

May says: !!!!
May says: AHHHHHH!!!!! I just received my fed ex box from you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
May says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
May says: Thanks
May says: opening it now
May says: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!
May says: GUYS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!
May says: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May says: THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!
May says: thankyou thankyou thankyou
May says: oh dear the excitement

Mistakes will be made:

bfp says: i think it's awesome that you write c****y, but then viv writes "i thought eric would only hide when cathy beat him up".
bfp says: way to keep the reader in the dark.
metamator says: hahaha
bfp says: so who's the apple eater?
metamator says: its c***g
metamator says: he was acting all smart about it too
bfp says: the crizzagg? crizzagg can't eat no whole apple.
metamator says: like he knew something we didnt
bfp says: he ain't man enough
metamator says: ohhh snap
metamator says: he saw what you said!
bfp says: burrn!
metamator says: so now he gotta eat the apple
bfp says: out of the trash?
metamator says: and I have to stick my finger in his mouth to make sure there's no seeds under that tongue
bfp says: awwww yeah

This is the first song on my mix mp3 cd so I bump into it everytime I hit the wrong button.

My Morning Jacket: Golden
Album: It still moves
Watchin' a stretch of road, miles of light explode.
Driftin' off a thing i'd never done before
Watchin' a crowd roll in. out go the lights it begins.
A feelin' in my bones i never felt before...
Mmm... people always told me. that bars are dark and lonely
And talk is often cheap and filled with air.
Sure sometimes they thrill me
But nothin' could ever chill me.
Like the way they make the time just disappear
Feelin' you are here again. hot on my skin again.
Feelin good a thing i'd never known before
What does it mean to feel?
Millions of dreams come real
A feelin' in my soul i'd never felt before... mmm...
And you always told me.
No matter how long it holds me if it falls apart
Or makes us millonaires. you'll be right here forever.
We'll go thru this thing together
And on heaven's golden shore we'll lay our heads

Monday, January 16, 2006

Mime of my life.

So my lady went for this massage months ago, its called Reiki, most people know what this is.. for those who dont.. its where you get massaged without being touched.. dude will move his hands like 5 cm from your body and probably tell you that in your last life you were something awesome.. We didnt pay for this service, nor would I have, it was a gift, from the Reiki master hisself. I appreciate the gesture, but If I want a mime massage, I'll go hang out with mimes and mime back pain.

Today I had a Young Lady driver in Kits say "thanks" for giving her right of way. If you live in Kits, you realize, this is as rare as seeing a shooting star in a well lit city. Maybe there's something in the water, but in our neighbourhood you have to pull over a lot to let people pass on the narrow roads, guys generally show some consideration and women just jet down the street like like its a god given right. Sometimes I hear a quiet "F*ck You" come from them, but they could be on the phone.

My Cube mate was telling me today about how his family have this special power: They eat the entire apple. he was all like "wanna see me eat this entire apple?" we're like "seeds and all?" "yes, seeds and all, everyone in my family can do it". I guess we didn't show enough enthusiam to bring out the show-man in him cause he threw out the apple.. Then I gave him shit cause why would you be talking about this power and then not do it.. like I dont tell people about how I can walk through walls everytime I'm about to use a door.

I got myself home movies volume 3 and season one of Little britain.



metamator says: Hey, eric sent me that icon too!

wiw says: he stole from me!

wiw says: and now hammer me all the time!

metamator says: what a rude boy

metamator says: its not even your fault

metamator says: your only human.. mistakes are gonna happen..

wiw says: exactly!

wiw says: now go beat him up!

metamator says:I cant

wiw says:why not?

metamator says: all the fighting with c***y has made eric stronger than before

metamator says: shes tough

wiw says:hahahah...I though eric would only hide when cathy beat him up

metamator says:he still gets his ass kicked.. but its like fighting tyson.. you get tougher and tougher

wiw says: hahaha

The Shins: new Slang
Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth.
Only, i don't know how they got out, dear.
Turn me back into the pet that i was when we met.
I was happier then with no mind-set.

And if you'd 'a took to me like
A gull takes to the wind.
Well, i'd 'a jumped from my tree
And i'd a danced like the king of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well.

New slang when you notice the stripes, the dirt in your fries.
Hope it's right when you die, old and bony.
Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall,
Never should have called
But my head's to the wall and i'm lonely.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kigurumix = baddest mutha out there

Recently, Jason was being disgusting and talking about when I'm not at my desk he feeds the fish skin flakes which he gets from scratching his bearded area. He's playing right into my trap, giving my fish the taste of the white mans skin. When the revolution come, those fish may play a vital role.

So I am not really a suppoter of the Conservatives, but I can see why people like Stephen Harper, I would not like for him to be PM, but I do notice he has that "Dreamy-Jehovah-Witness dad" thing going on for himself. I kinda get the feeling that if things don't go well he's gonna beat someone with a sock full of bibles. I do think the conservatives have a decent ad campaign going on, albeit they look like they were made as class projects.

I saw Brent Butt and Wanda from Corner Gas at the Capers by my house the other day. Whenever I see celebrities in public I'm always shocked at how short they are, I saw Michael Stipe earlier this year.. ok, bad example he looked pretty tall but I think its cause I was feeling a little star struck.

So my lovely wife has taken on the task of trying to cook some desserts listed in our Stevia Cookbook.. I'll let you know how awesome sugarless is.. Speaking of awesome.. my friend did this olive oil cleanse, it involves not eating, drinking a bunch of grapefruit juice and epsom salts and I think you finish up with a cup of olive oil and vinegar. It sounds difficult but interesting and quite gross.. interested? (warning, there is an image of handling of passed stones.. yes, poop stones)

bfp: Hey, T was pretty pleased with those clothes you sent.
bfp: proper chuffed
metamator: Chuffed?
metamator: hows the size?
metamator: you get your calendar?
bfp: she says the shirt might not last too long.
bfp: calendar? no, i haven't opened it yet. she just called to tell me.
metamator: awe shit
metamator: sorry
bfp: i hope there are naked ladeez
metamator: I just ruined xmas
bfp: in this calendar
metamator: eh, you'll be fine when you see Mr July.
metamator: if it looks like its printed on my home laser printer, thats just a coincidence.
bfp: nooooooooooo
bfp: so when am i gonna get my f***in stock cheque? 'cause my kid's gonna go hungry come april 1st, goddamit.
metamator: sheeit, you aint seeing that stock check for a while man.. its pretty funny.. everyone around here, sans c****, has already spent this money that might not even come.
bfp: wow. c**** should start lending people money. f***ing shylock.
metamator: he loaned me money before
bfp: gtg
metamator: later
bfp: k maybe not. so did he take his pound of flesh out of you?
bfp: or, did you put your pound of flesh into him?
metamator: what wrong with you?
bfp: i'm asking a simple question.
metamator: its like brokeback mountain in here
bfp: haha

Run DMC - Ragtime

I.. woke up this morning got ready to roll
Put on my green bomber it was, freezing cold
Applied longjohns with Adidas not matching
I called up Jam Master cause I knew he was scratching
(Whassup?) Jay to the telly music, loud as hell
He said - "Hold up Run," *DING DONG*, "it's the bell!"
Jay to the door as he leaves the cut
for his eyes a surprise, "D.M.C. WHASSUP?"
I.. woke up this morning got ready to roll
Put on my green bomber it was, freezing cold
Applied longjohns with Adidas not matching
I called up Jam Master cause I knew he was scratching
(Whassup?) Jay to the telly music, loud as hell
He said - "Hold up Run," *DING DONG*, "it's the bell!"
Jay to the door as he leaves the cut
for his eyes a surprise, "D.M.C. WHASSUP?"

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Excema Guys Get Noticed.

2006, dang.

It was a nice quiet Christmas and New Year, lots of time hanging out with family and friends. I got some new games, some new clothing and money. I'm now about a month or more into my new diet and I really have to say that although I am not at "perfect-skin" level, the improvements in my skin have been quite impressive. first off, almost all of my excema has cleared up and when I do scratch, my skin doesn't stay inflamed and irritated as it usually would have. I would highly recommend anyone who has excema to try making some changes in their diet.

We spent our New Years Eve in our PJ's, we didnt have big plans just to hang out with our friends.. so I decided that wherever we go we should hang out in our jammies. It was a huge success, we hung out in our robes and pj's and drank, ate, listening to music, gamed and relaxed. I must be getting old.

As usual, here's a bit of my daily conversations:

metamator says:

are we still friends?

Ad says:

of course not

enemies for life!

metamator says:

cmon.. thats a lot of work

metamator says:

all the avoiding

metamator says:

see me in safeway and run for it

metamator says:

your way too lazy for that

Ad says:

hey, am I not worth all that work

metamator says:


metamator says:

you mean your such a great enemy?

metamator says:

your worth all the pain in the world to be enemies with?

Ad says:


Ad says:

come on just do it

metamator says:


Ad says:


metamator says:

did someone say something?

Ad says:

you said fine

Ad says:

and I said cool

metamator says:


Ad says:


metamator says:

I can read, Im playing like you are just a buzzing fly in my face

Ad says:

oh, sorry!!!

Ad says:


metamator says:

enemies for life?

metamator says:

you forgot

metamator says:


Ad says:

I'm forgetful

Ad says:

it's not my fault

Ad says:


Ad says:

from NOW

On my drive in today I listened to:
Ween: piss up a rope
Some Lyrics:

My dinner’s on fire while she watches tv
And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be me
She takes all my money and leaves me no smokes
Yells at my buddies and insults my folks
I’m breakin’ my back doin’ the best that I can
She’s got time for the dog and none for her man
And I’m no dope, but I can’t cope
So hit the f*ckin’ road and piss up a rope