Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Imperfect from now on & Vancouver Eating tour

So this has to be the greatest blog publishing from me, cause I recently turned 30. so its like 1 entry for each decade, also I always hear ladies talking about how its all "downhill from 30", I can only assume they are talking about blog entries.

So here it is: the eating tour, fighting girls and overcoming ethnic diff'rences.

If you’re Asian (and you probably are), its likely you have an unhealthy appreciation for food. Every time family and friends of Asian decent come to Vancouver the “sight seeing” largely involves seeing how crap they feel after scarffing down copious amounts of food.

Aunty Corrine (not a blood relative, but if you are indeed Asian, you know everyone older than you is “uncle” this and “aunty” that) recently came to Vancouver to visit. Her son and daughter had lived with us in the past on working vacations, the daughter most recently fell in love with the food in Vancouver.

pre trip preparations were like so:

Daughter: Mom, you’re going to Vancouver?
Mother: Yeah, I’m going.
Daughter: I’m soooooo jealous..
Mother: Ok so, what should I see?
Daughter: what do you mean?
Mother: well I want to do some sight seeing.
Daughter: Mom this is Vancouver, you go to EAT!

So I had to come with the goods and I planned the following eating tour for my Aunt.

1. First evening, something easy, Congee Noodle House for some solid Chinese food and the Seabass Congee was a hit.
2. Second evening, we pull out the big guns if you love fried chicken, Phnom Penh, in Chinatown where we had the fried chicken and many other great dishes such as papaya salad and mixed noodles.
3. Post Dinner, we went to La Casa Gelato where we all sampled a crap load of ice cream and enjoyed a waffle cone and double scoop each.
4. next day, we started by having a Purdy’s ice cream bar (milk choc and almonds outside) I had to stop my aunt from getting a splinter cause she was trying not to waste even a crumb of the nuts or a sliver of chocolate.
5. Same day, we went to Paterson Restaurant in Richmond, specialty is crab and they delivered big time, I don’t even like crab but man something about the preparation at this place, they must rub it down with crack cocaine or something cause I find myself waking up sweating sometimes thinking about that crab. To be honest, every single dish I have tried here has been great but if you go and don’t get crab, you’re a fool; my aunt was literally eating the crumbs off the plate. We chased this meal with a real taro pearl milk tea from Dragon Ball on 25th.
6. Next we went to Tandoori Nights on Fraser St, it was solid Indian food, truth be told, mom thought it was a different restaurant and we meant to go to a place about a block up, still the chilli chicken, Lamb Vindaloo and mutter paneer were all good, the garlic roti was nothing amazing.
7. On the weekend we hit the Dim Sum at Golden Ocean, we had the fried shrimp on the tofu pucks, and other excellent dim sum dishes. Please note her daughter May, thought she didn’t like “Dim Sum”, cause she thought deep fried sui mai is “Dim Sum” (they sell that in some fish and chip shops in Perth and label it Dim Sim, you cant make this shit up)
8. 2nd last evening we hit Cuu Long, on knight street, this is the Vietnamese place I go to the most, we had, avocado milkshakes and other bean drinks, Lemon Grass Chicken and Pork, spicy pork noodles and soup and our favourite dish, affectionately called #38.
9. Last night, I was forcing my Aunt to have Japanese food cause she said she hated it, I knew if she has good Japanese food her mind would change. We hit Toshi on 16th waited like 40 mins for a table and it was almost like a religious experience for Aunty Corrine. We had house rolls, grilled eggplant with miso, grilled fish, spicy tuna cones and some other good shit. She was shocked at how good everything was and said that in Perth, when she tried to eat sushi it was always fishy and even the sea weed would smell. I’m sure there’s lots of good sushi places in Perth, but I can understand, if your skeptical to begin with, just a couple bad experiences will lead you to think you don’t like that type of food.

And so concludes our eating tour.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous lucas said...

tech is not your calling, you should start a food touring company. and with the wife at an airline you can barrage people as they arrive at YVR.

At 4:52 AM, Blogger May said...

Drool drips down my chin reading this.. How I miss Vancouver food. Never mind I am making up for it with the delicious foods of Perth ... Whoppers and KFC Chicken Strips ..MMm


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