Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gong Hay Fat Choi!

Happy new year, I think its gonna be a good year. I've been hit with a flurry of small miracles (some smaller than others). Overall I feel good, positive about the future. I've been eating well, I went to Gotham Steak House last night and I have dinner at Bacchus tonight (dine-out vancouver).

I've never had a bunch of lucky things happen to me, its just not the kind of luck I'm used to, coincidentally all this started on Chinese New year Day. I was all pissy about CNY this year cause I'm married now so I don't get the lucky money, but with all these positive happenings, how can I be a hater? My childhood memories of CNY was me trying to remember "gong hay fat choi" and it was hard for me.. so my dad taught me "come here fat boy" and I never forgot it since.

It may or may not be clear, but I am a game geek, I like video games, I'm a grown ass man who has the toys teenagers want. Recently I stumbled upon a Neo Geo CD emulator for my PSP. This things been rocking my world, its all the glory of 90's arcade goodness in the palm of my hand.. the neo geo wipes its ass with 16 bit consoles such as the super Nintendo. If you are a PSP owner who held out on the oppressive system updates I recommend checking it out.

I watched the constant gardener, this is a great movie about how terrible a wife this poor dude has. Oh she was trying to protect him from the baddies and spent all her time with another man. So he ruins his life trying to figure out why she was killed, what she's about and what's with dude she's always with yada yada. Anyhow he spends all this tough time learning the stuff he should have known if only she had communicated to him.

metamator says: I got this thing in the mail from stephen harper
metamator says: I GET TO GO TO DARCY ISLAND!!
BFP says: was it a head tax?
BFP says: sweet!
metamator says: hope there's wireless!

Guest Chat:
Robotanist says: I AM THE DARK LORD! OBEY ME!!!1
J says: yes my master. what is your bidding?
Robotanist says: gimme props.
Robotanist says: M MMMMAD PROPS!!!!
J says: Robotanist is the best!
J says: he is truly the dark lord of cool!!
J says: Robotanist's hair smells like flowers
J says: Robotanist is the best fooseball player i know.
J says: and he's an okay bass player.
Robotanist says: that last one wasn't mad enuff!!
J says: mad?
J says: why do i need to be mad?
J says: can't i just be serene?
Robotanist says: yeah. opk
Robotanist says: ok

Song in my head right now:
Hefner: Hello Kitten
Album: Boxing Hefner

Hello kitten I don’t miss sex just the feeling of skin against skin that I want,
The photos I take are not the photos I like, they look dull, they look crap when placed next to real life,
You have a blue iris with a hint of burnt of sienna and it wrestles my hate to the ground,
You have inquisitive eyebrows that make me soft centred and your lips make a purring sound. (your lips make a purring sound)
I’m going to make myself go blind tonight,
I’m going to make myself go blind tonight,
I’m going to build a shrine to the wasted days,
I’m going to make myself go blind tonight.
Hello kitten, you’ll never know what it’s like to be me when I’m curled at your feet,
I thought you were perfect but that racist joke just made it all bitter sweet.
Won’t you slap me around and make my lips a bit swollen so we can spend a day off work,
Won’t you cut up my arm and lock it in a suitcase, cause love is coming in spurts, I’m so fucking happy it hurts.


At 8:40 PM, Blogger ween said...

wow, your dining repetoire sound like jogen goth! sorry, you are much younger and have a great smile ;-)

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous wifee said...

hi huny.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger ween said...

miss your singing these days... :(

At 11:38 AM, Blogger metamator said...

"left a good job in the city... "


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